About Roxane


  Pastelist Roxane Chardon explores the artistry of nature in her paintings of contemporary earth and waterscapes. A delicate blend of representational art with a hint of abstraction, her works are sought by collectors for their reflective nuances of composition, light, and tonal color.

  Travel throughout coastal and interior areas of the country provide the foundation for Roxane's paintings. Atmospheric conditions drive the theme of these works. Early morning or late afternoon are favored times of day for capturing a mood of tranquility. The entwinement between art, nature, and the human psyche offers endless opportunities of exploration for the artist, acting as a source of inspiration for a significant collection of work.

  Color plays a major role in Roxane's style. Her love for soft blues and melons is translated into the waterscapes and earths which she develops. Secondary and tertiary color schemas are also favored. Painting in the pastel medium allows Roxane to create subtle variations of tones within the light and shadow of a composition while at the same time rendering the focus of the piece clearly. Once an idea for a work is determined, the artist finds it useful to experience a particular scene first hand in order to capture the spirit of an area. Photographs and sketches are used as tools to help recall details or, for example, to capture a quickly moving sky.

  Roxane likes working in series, starting with a specific idea and depicting that idea multiple times through variations of color and design. This allows the artist deeper familiarity with the topic at hand, encouraging exploration of new concepts within a set framework.

  Roxane received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College and her Masters degree from Northeastern University. Continued study through the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Sharon Art School and with Master pastelists laid the foundation for Roxane to enjoy the freedom to define her own style in pastel.

  Honored with numerous awards, Roxane has exhibited widely, participating in regional and national juried shows. She is a member of several art organizations, including the Pastel Society of America. The importance of supporting the Arts has led to award sponsorship, board volunteer positions, and as an art donor to nonprofit organizations.

  During the year, Roxane travels nationally, proudly representing her work at fine art shows where she sells her paintings directly to the public. Her artwork can be found in many collections in the United States, Canada, and Europe.